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MBQ Players: Construction

“If you build it, they will come.” With that declarative, the construction industry could be said to operate. But there’s a lot of meaning freighted into the simple statement. To “build it” is no mean feat. It takes a panoply of professionals, skilled laborers, and farsighted managers to take the blank slate of leveled earth and turn it into a skyscraper, a school, a hospital, a warehouse, or an office building. The structure exists on paper. It takes a pragmatic hand to turn wishful thinking into a realized vision.

In last issue’s MBQ PLAYERS, we focused on architecture and quoted Le Corbusier: “Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light.” So who do you think does all that assembling in the light?
The list that follows comprises some of the top professionals when it comes to Mid-South construction. You’ll see the faces behind some of the area’s most fantastic buildings. These are the talented folks who see the vision and have the breadth of knowledge and experience (and multitasking abilities) to bring it to fruition.
As with every installment of the MBQ PLAYERS, we used a rigorous selection process to reach our final list. Our PLAYERS editorial board consists of MBQ editorial staff, informed business leaders, architects in other fields, and even some of our PLAYERS themselves.

A construction site is one of the surest signs of economic progress. Whenever cranes dominate the sky, you can almost hear the economic engine revving. Bricks and mortar, dollars and cents. A designer dreamt the city up. The people in construction put it on the map.

These are the MBQ PLAYERS in construction.

Fred Grinder

Vice President and CFO, Grinder, Taber and Grinder, Inc. Has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Memphis. Has been with firm, which specializes in commercial and industrial construction including general contracting, design build, construction management, and LEED certified projects, since 1968. Clients and projects include the Paul Barret Jr. Library, McCoy Theater, and Burrow Hall renovations at Rhodes College; sanctuary expansion, athletic fields, and facilities expansions at Second Presbyterian Church; early childhood and elementary school expansions at Presbyterian Day School; World Headquarters building and connector for FedEx; renovation of the First Tennessee Tower; new sanctuary and church buildings for St. George’s Episcopal Church; Wolf River Medical Arts Building; Lexus and Acura dealerships; and the dining room and terrace additions for the Memphis Country Club. Firm specializes in churches, office buildings, educational facilities, athletic facilities, auto dealerships, laboratories, medical facilities, retail centers, and commercial interior finishes. Received Carnival of Memphis King’s Award for contributions to the construction industry, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Award for Excellence in Masonry for the MIFA building, and the AIA Award for Excellence for the Christ Community Medical Center. Member, Associated Builders & Contractors, Mid-South Minority Business Council, and the Greater Memphis Chamber. Supports the Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County. Married to wife, Brenda, with two children and two grandchildren.