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First Tennessee Bank Headquarters Renovation, Memphis

Cover Story March 2006 from South Central Construction (article excerpt):

First Tennessee Bank Headquarters Renovation, Memphis.

Renovating a 23-story building while bankers and lawyers are at work mandates staying on schedule, said Brett Grinder, vice president of Grinder, Taber & Grinder Inc. of Memphis.

Looney Ricks Kiss of Memphis is architect for the $37 million renovation of the First Tennessee Bank Headquarters in Memphis, which involves gutting the building one floor at a time and installing a construction elevator on the outside.

Work started in early 2005 and will be finished in 2008, Grinder said.
Because the 411,000-sq.-ft. building is occupied or under construction, there is no laydown space, so all materials must be stored offsite. GTG is removing all overhead mechanical systems, ductwork and asbestos. An asbestos contractor hermetically seals off each floor before removing and disposing of the material.